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History of the Palace Hotel

From the Hotel Teito to the Palace Hotel

Hotel Teito   Hotel Teito Under Construction   Palace Hotel in 1961

"1-1-1 Marunouchi," the prestigious address where the Palace Hotel stands, was formerly the site of the Palace's precursor, the Hotel Teito. Construction of the original building was completed in December 1937 for use as the Forestry Office of the Imperial Household. After the war, on the order of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, it was rebuilt for use as a hotel under government ownership and administration for the exclusive use of buying agents from abroad. The land and the building of the Hotel Teito were sold to the private sector in 1959, and the hotel was rebuilt anew to become the Palace Hotel.

Birth of the Palace Hotel

Birth of the Palace Hotel

Following a lavish opening party attended by 5,000 distinguished guests from Japan and overseas, the Palace Hotel opened for business in a blaze of glory on October 1, 1961. Situated on a site covering 10,430 square meters, the total floor area of the building was 65,740 square meters. The hotel had 450 guest rooms in addition to large and small banqueting halls, restaurants, bars, an international conference hall with facilities for simultaneous interpreting in five languages, and car parks.

Opening Party

Many different materials were considered for the walls with the aim of achieving harmony with the natural environment in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. It was eventually decided to use more than 1,660,000 Shigaraki-yaki tiles produced in kilns in Shiga Prefecture, a material that had never previously been used on a building of this type. The Japanese aesthetic was incorporated into the interior design as well, resulting in what was at the time an ultramodern building with a full range of facilities and a sense of grandeur that gave the hotel an epochal significance in the history of the hotel industry in Japan. Due to its success in blending modern architectural style with the Japanese aesthetic, the Palace Hotel was awarded the Architectural Industry Association Prize in 1963.

Stepping Into A New Age

Stepping Into A New Age

In 2012, it re-opened as an entirely new, fully contemporary luxury hotel that matches the needs of the times while standing firmly on the foundation of our rich experience and time-honored tradition of hospitality.

The Palace Hotel closed on January 31, 2009 so that it could be reborn as a hotel suitable for a new era. And in May 2012, a new chapter in its history began.

The new Palace Hotel will, we believe, never fail to live up to your expectations.

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