Palace Hotel Group Policy for the Protection of Privacy

Palace Hotel Group's Websites Privacy Policy
At Palace Hotel Group, we believe it to be our most important responsibility to respect your privacy and to protect your personal information with utmost care. Our websites comply with the laws concerning protection of personal information and the personal information you choose to provide online will be handled as follows:
Registration of Your Personal Information
 Generally you may visit our websites in anonymity and without giving other personal information, but in the following cases we ask you to register your personal information (your name, street address, telephone number, email address, etc.):
making a hotel reservation
reserving tables or private rooms at our restaurants
requesting printed information on our services or properties
asking questions
inquiring or making a reservation for our wedding, banquet or other services, or purchasing our products
subscribing to our email news letters
participating in our special offers and promotions or in our online surveys
 In case we ask you to register your personal information for other purposes than the cases described above, we will not fail to clearly state the purpose, content and methods of handling your information.
Use of Your Personal Information
  Your registered personal information, in principle, will be used only for the purpose of PHG's compliance with your requests to our hotel or of improvement of its services. We use your personal information:
as a fundamental user profile data for processing your requested reservation
as statistical background records of your using our hotel in the past or for the purpose of improving our services
for directly responding to your inquiries
for transmitting our news letters by email
for improving our services in other areas
Personal Information Administrator
  The Personal Information Administrator appointed by "PHG" assumes full responsibility to protect your personal information registered on our websites.
Maintenance of Security and Accuracy of Personal Information
 We are striving hard to manage and secure the privacy of your personal information and taking reasonable and proper measures to prevent illegal access to, or loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information. In addition, in order to maintain accuracy of particular personal information transmitted through Internet, we are taking proper measures by employing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) coding system and other systems.
Sharing Information with or Disclosing Information to Third Parties
  Except for the following cases, we will never share your personal information with nor disclose it to third parties:
Only for the use of your personal information stated in the Article 2 of this Policy, we disclose the information to our outsourcing agents with whom "PHG" has concluded secrecy agreements.
When we have your consent to disclose your personal information.
When we receive legal request from such public institutions such as the police or the courts of law.
Readjustment of Your Registered Information
  In case you want to amend, change, delete or suspend your registered information, please contact our Websites Inquiry Department. "PHG" is prepared to respond to your requests in proper manners and within reasonable periods of time.
Scope of "PHG" Group's Websites Privacy Policy
 This Websites Privacy Policy applies only to the websites administered by "PHG" companies. We do not assume responsibility for the protection of personal information linked to other websites with which you are recommended to check their privacy policies.
Use of Cookies
  Our websites issue and use cookies to enhance our proper web contents and for your convenience. If you set your browser to accept cookies, you may be able to show on your computer in advance that you can use cookies. You can even reject certain email messages. In case you set your browser to deny cookies, you won't be able to benefit from the convenience afforded through the use of cookies. It is possible for you to block the cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser but in such case you will not be able to use all of the features of our websites.
Access-log Recording
  Our websites can keep track of your visiting histories. Our access-log contains your domain names, browsers, access dates, links used, etc. but such information does not identify individual names. Our access-log is utilized only for the purpose of maintaining our computers and statistically analyzing customer usage of our hotel.
Privacy Policy Changes
  If and when we make major changes in our Websites Privacy Policy, we will specifically notify them to you on our websites. Minor changes will be made by renewing our websites from time to time. "PHG" assumes no responsibility for any trouble arising from innocence of its announced changes.
 If you have any inquiries about our handling of your personal information on our websites, please contact the following: